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We have new products available to help combat skin and nail infections!

We are now carrying "Footlogix Toe Nail Tincture" for $30, "PodoExpert Healthy Nails Tincture" for $30 and "Footlogix Rough Skin Formula" for $30. When you purchase both tinctures at the same time you receive at discount! You only pay $55 for both. Find out why below!

Why should you use tinctures? Once a fungal infection has grown on your nails it is very difficult to get rid of. In fact, you have to wait for the new nail to grow out. The issue is, once that healthy nail grows out it is instantly introduced to the fungal spores from the infected portion of the nail. Tinctures help protect the new and healthy nail that is growing. Since spores live for 28 days, we provide two products to help combat these spores. By switching between the products every month for four months we are trying to ensure the spores do not become immune to your combating agents, the tinctures.

What is "Footlogix Rough Skin Formula?" The rough skin formula is created to combat "dry, rough, scratchy or sand-paper like skin prone to fungal infections." This is by using "urea" to lock in moisture and the antimicrobial "spiraleen" to combat infections. We have started to recommend this for our clients with flakey peeling feet or those with very dry cracking areas.

FootLogix Toe nail tincture

Podoexpert healthy nail tinctures

Footlogix rough skin formula

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Kaitlin nielsen

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse that is certified in Advance Foot Care. As well as a Certified Foot & Hand Reflexologist.  

My passion for nursing lead me down the path of foot care and healing of the body. I have over half a decade of nursing experience and found that proper foot care is important for many reasons. Proper foot care can reduce pain, increase mobility, assist with injury prevention (ulcers & sores) and increase the likelihood of feet/lower leg concerns being caught earlier. These important concepts seem to only be improved with the use of Reflexology. I've seen reflexology reduce stress, improve nerve and blood supply while increasing your body's overall balance. This has assisted with people's circulation and feeling in their feet, as well as reducing stress and tension in the overall body.

My passions and experience lie in helping those with diabetes, disabilities, dementia and the elderly. I live with Type 1 Diabetes myself. Therefore understand the importance of maintaining your bodies health and wellbeing.  We don't have a cure yet, but we do have many ways to maintain and improve our overall life/way of living. I look forward to exploring these ways with you and your loved ones in the future. 

Cheryl Saunders

I am a Registered Nurse that is certified in Advance Foot Care.

I was raised in New Brunswick and graduated from UNB with my Bachelor of Nursing in 1994. I've worked in a variety of units such as, surgical and community health. During my career in community health I became interested in doing foot care. However, life had other plans that moved me to be in Alberta near my son and granddaughter. Alberta is where I started working in senior's homes in 2015. I completed my foot care course in 2017 and provided foot care for my residents until 2022. 

In December 2022, Kaitlin asked me to fill in for her at "Foot Care by Kaitlin" over her maternity leave. I really enjoyed being back working in the community. Therefore, when Kaitlin asked if I was interested in staying on my answer was a resounding, "yes." I'm so excited to help you and your families!