Foot Care & Your Insurance


1) Most Alberta seniors over 65 are unaware that they may qualify for "Alberta Group 66 (Senior's Health Benefit)" coverage. This coverage can help with the cost of your foot care under "Home Nursing Care", if you qualify for the "special needs assistance" portion. This will help cover "$28 per month" for your foot care. All we need is your Alberta Health Care Number and your receipt provided to direct bill them quickly for you.

2) Using direct billing (except Alberta Group 66), you do not have to pay the entire cost out of pocket at the time of service (if covered by your plan). You pay only what your insurance company doesn't. Therefore, there's no need to wait on your reimbursement cheque.

3) If your nurse is a provider, you know they've already been background checked by your insurance company. Therefore, making sure they are legally licensed in Alberta and in good standing with their regulatory body.

What's the difference between being a "provider" and on the "provider list?"

Provider: We can direct bill your insurance company

Provider List: You can find my name on the "approved provider list." Therefore, allowing you to easily bill your insurance company yourself

We are Currently  Medical Providers for:

* Eligible Alberta Blue Cross Plans
* Alberta Blue Cross "Group 66" Plans (Senior's Health Benefit)
* Medivie Federal Plans (RCMP, Veterans and Military Personnel)
* Refugees (with a "Intern Federal Health" Form)
* Workers' Compensation Board-WCB (with case worker approval)
*AISH (with case worker approval)
*Public Guardians (with approvals in place)

You Can Find us on Your Medical Provider List for:

* CanadaLife
* GreenShield
* ManuLife
* Sunlife

Do I need a Doctor's Note?

Some insurance companies may need a doctor's note to provide coverage, but we do not need one to provide care for you